Youngest son, Maxime Hurel entered the family business somewhat circuitously in a singular tale of dynastic -succession. After obtaining diplomas in hotel management in the UK and a passion for a hotel industry where only excellence reigns, the young man worked a couple of years for the Hyatt group targeting Asia from his post in Paris. From afar, Philippe Hurel kept an eye on his son. Gradually he began to deftly introduced Maxime to the functioning of the manufactory via the workshops, the showroom, the creative process and business management. The apprenticeship necessitated the patience exhibited by a Hurel craftsman. 

On the ground there are two very different characters complimented one another. At times insatiable exuberance of an omnipresent father-director, Maxime Hurel responded with his ability to weigh-up, to analyse and to see the bigger picture. From the ground up, Maxime Hurel discovered the world that his father had so passionately struggled to maintain, that he had imagined, created and lived for so many years and that he had transformed into the success that we know today. To the respect of a son for his father was added another form of respect for the man, the boss, the creative force. He now shares that vision of the significance of the talent and work of those exceptional artisans. Like his father Philippe Hurel, who could see that the family heritage must either evolve or diminish, Maxime Hurel is very aware that he in his turn must exceed the past and look to the future. > View Manufacture

Philippe Hurel Maiko Chairs
Philippe Hurel Silvio Dining Table
Philippe Hurel Silvio Gueridon
Otto Sideboard by Philippe Hurel
Isis Bookcase by Philippe Hurel
Lucca Chest of Drawers
Philippe Hurel ZIGI Pedestal
Hamilton Conte Lamp Shade