Thomas Allardyce, Principal of Hendrix Allardyce Design, is one of the most renowned interior designers working world wide. His distinguished career has been followed closely in the editorial pages of all major magazines. The philosophy of providing to both traditional and modern clients a working historical knowledge of periods and styles has always been a trademark of Hendrix Allardyce. The use of scale, illumination, and the mixing of the old and new, along with a well edited color palate for the individual client, has made each project unique. An in house architectural drafting department compliments its interior design services and has made the firm unique as an atelier.

Creating dramatic and embracing interiors is a unique art form and each project is the reflection of a client’s personality. The vocabulary of styles requested by the clients of Hendrix Allardyce is diverse and the objective of the firm has always been to capture the dream.

With a remarkable eye for furnishings, detail and color, Thomas Allardyce embarked upon creating a unique furniture line which is based on his most loved styles. The collections range through history’s most remarkable times and the pieces were carefully selected for their inherent beauty and comfortable scale. The collection is offered through showrooms and Hendrix Allardyce will manufacture any piece to custom specifications. > View manufacturer

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