Combining pragmatism and passionate creativity, we do our best to approach our craft with originality and warmth. Devoted to artisanal production and attention to detail, our artistic approach takes inspiration from a variety of styles and cultures. We like to merge design movements from the 1950s and 1970s, the Americas and Scandinavia, and add a touch of Parisian flair. Each piece in the collection tells a story, and through their ensemble we try to create a universe that is distinct to the brand.

The Hamilton Conte collection offers all elements of an interior space: furniture, seating, lighting, objets d’art… The creations are an extension of our lives and reflect our passion for storytelling. Some models, for example, carry the names of inspirational people while others are nods to anecdotes or places from our lives. Fabian’s father’s name was Enzo and he loved to take his cognac in a comfortable and enveloping chair. Our wing chair with the same name was designed bearing this memory in mind. There is a story behind every creation and each client integrates this within his or her own story, just as much through personal affinity as through the choice of materials and finishing. > View Manufacture 

Hamilton Conte Oleg Sofa
Hamilton Conte Ignacio Luxe Sofa
Hamilton Conte Costa Armchair
Chairs & Poufs
Hamilton Conte Penelope Barstool
Barstools & Benches
Hamilton Conte
Hamilton Conte Manolo Cocktail
Coffee Tables
Hamilton Conte 3 Sisters Side Table
Side Tables
Hamilton Conte Ines Hammered - Oval
Hamilton Conte Console Table
Desks & Consoles
Hamilton Conte Arken Sideboard
Cabinets & Storage
Hamilton Conte Milos Lamp
Table & Floor Lamps
Uxmal Light by Hamilton Conte
Pendants & Sconces
Apollon Mirror
Hamilton Conte Experiencia Art
Graphic Art & Photography