The Bellavista Collection was born from the passion and craftsmanship of brothers Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni, whose mother company, Casa Zeta, has been manufacturing handcrafted, high-end turnkey interior pieces from its workshops in Italy since 1984.

Offering a bespoke approach to interior solutions, the Bellavista Collection proffers only the finest materials, all hand-made in a unique and original way. Ever pushing the boundaries of the industry, the Zanni brothers aim to combine the skills and experience developed in over 30 years of custom made production as Casa Zeta, with their passion for the arts, beauty, exquisite detailing and their devotion to supreme craftsmanship. “I would imagine Bellavista pieces in the antique trade of the future. The value will always be there for someone able to catch it,” says Attilio Zanni, “Bellavista is our rare pearl for the niche-market.”

First trialled at Salone del Mobile Milano in 2004, Attilio and Fabrizio immediately received recognition for their works, and returned in 2010 with their first official Bellavista collection. Inspired by the aesthetic lines of the past, and drawing upon the beauty of Italy’s rich architecture, the pieces assume a vibrant, strong cosmopolitan look, combined with a contemporary air. Bellavista is dedicated to the use of the finest materials from across the globe, focussing heavily on the use of raw materials to handcraft the finest interior pieces, to every client’s wishes.

Bellavista Alexander I
Bellavista I-BOOK
Bellavista Dulcechina Bench
DULCECHINA collection
Bellavista Jasmine Mirror
Bellavista Beds
Bellavista RITZ @dulcechina collection
Bellavista Charlotte Chair