Allan Knight and Associates, owned and operated by partners Allan Knight and Ben Goldfarb, is a multi-tiered, nationally recognized destination for interior design. This showroom represents over 40 lines of home furnishings. Its own brand is comprised of Allan Knight Lighting, Allan Knight Acrylic and also the Acrylic Upholstery and Furnishings collections. 

The Allan Knight Lighting Collection creates its own world of elegance. The gemstones, water-gilding, Old World ironwork, and custom work give this line a hand-crafted yet opulent appearance. Quality and luxury combine to create the ultimate in high-end chandeliers, pendants, sconces and lamp lighting options.

Allan Knight Acrylic sets the mark for excellence among acrylic objects currently available. Imported from Italy, the raw material is the purest, clearest acrylic in the world. Then design and manufacturing processes result in a timeless collection that populates the catalogs with unique and customizable items. Mr. Knight also focuses on uncommon artifacts, accessories and antiques.> View Manufacturer

J Nelson is proud to represent Allan Knight Lighting in our South Florida showroom. Check out the South Florida Design Park‘s page for images of our showroom

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Bloom Vivant Chandeilier
Altar NW Cocktail Table
Allan Knight Chambord Chaise
Allan Knight Limelight Lounge
Malabar Buffet byu Allan Knight
Savoy Floating Mirror Round Large